Published On Mar 23, 2016  
in  PECO Culture

Phillips Edison & Company recently held its 25th Annual Meeting.  We use this time to gather every associate in the company together to review our previous year’s accomplishments, discuss the coming year’s goals and reconnect as a team.  It’s an event that I truly believe contributes to PECO’s success by aligning every associate with the company’s mission and goals and strengthening team relationships and communication. 

Each year as we share business objectives and results with the associates, I also spend some time talking about the opportunities PECO can offer and the skills that team members need to develop in order to be successful. This year, I talked about three skills that every current or emerging leader – in any industry – must master in order to be successful.  They are:

  1. Think cross functionally
  2. Make decisions
  3. Connect yourself and your team to the goals of the company

No team or department of any business operates in a vacuum. Our team must be able to take a holistic approach to the business.  In order to do this, we must understand every component of the company.  Take the time to learn, ask questions and listen to what team members tell you.  New skills take practice to develop.  Look for opportunities to work and learn every part of the business.  Practice.  

These three skills are vital to every leader at Phillips Edison & Company, if you want to be a leader, if you want to run a team, run a department, or run the company, master these skills.

Jeffrey Edison
Jeffrey Edison
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