Published On Jul 29, 2019  
in  PECO Culture and Retail Real Estate Industry

Over the last two years, news and media channels have been full of doom and gloom, predicting the demise of retail as we know it. But that’s only half of the story. Yes, some traditional retailers failed to evolve and adapt to rapidly changing consumer preferences - and they went under. But there are many other traditional, new and emerging retail concepts that will continue to maintain, expand or develop retail locations. We are hearing reports of Amazon’s plans to expand its brick-and-mortar grocery footprint and each month Phillips Edison’s Emerging Trends Update report lists more retailers looking to expand. 

Phillips Edison’s team of experts is more confident than ever about the future of retail and retail real estate. Our Emerging Trends Team is focused on staying on top of retail trends and connecting with retailers across the country. They are seeing retailers across a variety of categories implementing new technologies and innovations to respond to consumer demands for convenience, experience and wellness. In this video, Mike Conway, Vice President of National Accounts and Retail Partnerships, shares more about what his team is currently observing in the market.



Phillips Edison
Phillips Edison